Deide Residence

Challenges to this site include a steep slope with waterfront. Due to the slope of the lot the house was designed in an unconventional way. With the road access being higher than the house an “S” shape drive creates the most drop in the least amount of space. The garage was build above living space using wood framing, waterproofing and light weight concrete. The entrance to the house off the garage is the third or upper floor with bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry. The entry hall of the third floor boasts an art gallery and views to the harbor as well as an arched cathedral ceiling down to the living room below. On the second, or middle floor, is the main living area with open dining, kitchen and family room. A bi-fold glass wall system opens the inside to the outside deck with views of Gig Harbor. The lower floor features a bedroom, bath and home office as well as a covered patio protected by the waterproof deck above. Landscaping boulders provide steps down to the water and dock.