Artificial Daylighting

Ensuring seamless integration with our natural lighting paradigms, we prioritize the selection of light fixtures and controls that complement our design ethos. Our systems are meticulously crafted, aligning with lamp types and arrangements that transcend standard code maximums while effortlessly meeting space lighting prerequisites.

Embracing pendant-mounted light fixtures and streamlined lighting controls at elevated ceilings stands as a testament to our innovative approach. Unlike conventional methods employing six switches, we ingeniously employ two switches in classrooms, surpassing daylight switching requisites. This innovative adaptation allows for the incorporation of 3-way switching for teaching wall lighting, amplifying functionality while simplifying the setup.

Our dedication to cost-effective solutions manifests in integral dimming capacity embedded within fixtures in the daylight zone, eliminating the necessity for costly remote dimmer controls. By judiciously selecting light fixtures boasting two-thirds uplight and one-third downlight, we unlock the potential for nuanced dimming of the uplight lamps while retaining precise switching control over the down lighting. This flexible system enables independent management of the down-light based on natural sunlight presence, ensuring optimal illumination conditions.

At the heart of our energy-efficient approach lies the deployment of occupancy sensors, intelligently orchestrating light cessation in unoccupied areas. This proactive measure aligns with our commitment to sustainability and resource optimization, reflecting our holistic approach to creating enlightened and eco-conscious spaces.

Sunny Hills Elementary School. Sammamish, Washington.