Through comprehensive inspections and dedicated oversight, our commitment extends to commissioning, ensuring that building systems operate optimally and as intended. Our proactive approach involves meticulous monitoring during construction, especially concerning mechanical systems, empowering commissioning agents to validate the seamless functionality of these systems.

We prioritize preparing buildings for occupancy by ensuring proper balancing, system startups, and a meticulous airing-out process. Our involvement extends beyond construction completion, providing ongoing support in the initial months to swiftly address warranty issues and resolve any concerns that may arise.

In addition to Fundamental Commissioning, our services encompass Additional Commissioning and post-occupancy evaluations. Our Independent Commissioning Agent meticulously conducts design reviews based on owner's project requirements, assesses the basis of design, and rigorously reviews contractor submittals. We adhere to the most recent Building Commissioning Final Report Guidelines, delivering a comprehensive final report detailing all aspects of the commissioning process.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to ensuring optimal operation through comprehensive training sessions for both building systems and occupants. We offer one-year operational analysis to fine-tune system performance and ensure sustained efficiency.