By providing regular inspections during construction, especially  mechanical systems, we can support commissioning agents to be sure the  building systems operate as intended. It is important to get the  building ready to be occupied with proper balancing, system start up and  airing out, then remain involved for the first few months to insure  warranty issues are being taken care of and problem areas are resolved.  In addition to Fundamental Commissioning, Additional Commissioning is  provided along with post occupancy evaluation. The Independent  Commissioning Agent has:  

  • Conducted a commissioning design review of the owner’s project requirements, basis of design.
  • Commissioning shall review contractor submittals
  • A final commissioning report will be provided following the WSIC 2004 – Building Commissioning Final Report Guidelines
  • Training will be confirmed
  • Training of building occupants regarding optimal operation will be provided.
  • One year operational analysis will be provided