Natural Daylighting

One of Cornerstone Architectural Group’s primary techniques for  improving the learning environment is the incorporation of daylighting  into our designs.   Techniques of bringing daylight into a building include: 

  • Use of clerestory windows toward center of the building to allow  natural lighting into even the most remote and interior portions of the  building.
  • Tall exterior windows to open up much of the exterior wall to natural light.
  • Use of passive methods such as sunshades to allow in diffused  light, but keep direct light and glare out, and light shelves to reflect  diffused light farther into the space.
  • Sloping ceilings to reflect light further into the space.
  • Use of diffused glass in areas where direct glare is unavoidable.
  • Deep roof overhangs to shade windows from summer sun.
Cornerstone Architectural Group - Maywood Elementary